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Blocked Drains

Are you having problems with a blocked drain? It doesn’t matter what’s blocking it, our emergency plumbers can completely clear any blocked drain causing you problems. Our professional drain-cleaning plumbers are available 24/7 to assist you with any drains and pipes plumbing issues.

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How Do We Unblock Drains?

Our certified plumbers will utilize a number of tools to unclog any drain or pipe. Two of our most used professional tools are drain machines and water jets.

Drain Machine

services page plumber working brisbaneA drain machine is a tool that will feed a cable equipped with blade down a drain line. This cable rotates, utilizing the blades to cut and scour anything in its path. There are a number of cutter heads available to fit any size of drain, and to combat a number of blockages. Our plumbers can often use these machines indoors because of their compact body. Drain machines are perfect for scrubbing old galvanized or cast iron drains, removing rust or other hard deposits. They are also very good at cutting roots, or removing concrete and cement without causing a mess.

Water Jetting

roto rooter pvc pipe brisbaneA water jet is a tool that has a long flexible hose, with a unique cleaning nozzle on the end. A plumber will feed the hose down into the drain, where it shoots out high-pressure water jets, which removes any blocks or clogs in front of the nozzle, while also propelling the hose further into the drain. Like the drain machine, water jets have a large variety of nozzles and hoses, which vary in design. This allows the plumber to remove any blocks, in any drain size. Water jets are great for clearing blocks long distance, and are also compact enough for our plumber to use in limited access areas, and inside without causing any disruptions.

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Types of Blocked Drains and Pipes

sink repair brisbaneNo matter how careful you are about what you put down your drains, they can clog with grease, soap scum, and fats that have built up on the inner walls over time. Our licensed plumbers will utilize the appropriate tools to cut through you clog, and completely remove the debris, ensuring your drain is completely cleared in no time.

Shower drains – Showers bring their own set of unique challenges. The cause of most clogs in shower drains is often the buildup of soap or hair in the drainpipe and trap. One of our skilled shower repair technicians will quickly determine the correct course of action, and the proper machine needed to remove any debris, and thoroughly clean the drain.

burst pipe repair brisbaneBathroom sink drains– Soap scum, hair, toothpaste, or general grime are often the culprit of a clogged bathroom sink drain. Our plumbers often restore bathroom pipes, clogged sink drains are the more common clogs we encounter. The plumber will thoroughly remove the clog, and ensure your drain is free from any other buildups.

Toilet drains– Hygiene products, excessive toilet paper, or an item a toddler decides to flush can all easily overwhelm any toilet drain. Our plumbing technicians can quickly solve this problem while using a special machine. This machine allows the technician to feed a cable that spins down through the toilet drain. The cable uses a specialized spring loaded blade tip, which cuts through the obstruction. The spring-loaded blades stay close to the inner walls of your pipe, and shred any blockage, allowing it proper movement down the pipe and into the sewer, thus restoring full, powerful flushes.

Floor drains– Floor drains found in many areas:
• laundry rooms
• garages
• basements
• patios
• driveways
• or in older model bathrooms

This type of drain comes with a trap, which should constantly be filled with water to remove the possibility of sewer gasses escaping. You should test these drains occasionally and make sure they have not become clogged, and that they’re ready to move water away to prevent flooding. Dirt and debris is often the culprit to clogged floor drains. Our certified plumbers are capable of opening them quickly, and restoring optimal drainage.

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If you have a clogged drain, don’t let it sit and potentially create a burst pipe. Let our trained and certified plumbers clean your drains. Our plumbers are available in all suburbs of Brisbane, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.