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Leaking Shower Repairs Brisbane

Best Plumbers Brisbane has a team of certified plumbers, with years of wisdom when it comes to installing, replacing, and repairing showers. Just give us a call, and one of our professionals will be at your property in no time.

shower leaks showerhead brisbaneWe take pride in offering skilled plumbing services at cost-effective prices. Our plumbers have proven expertise when it comes to all household plumbing, whether it’s bathroom leaking tap repairs, or kitchen sink installations.

Leaky showers can potentially lead to a number of problems, from minor annoyances to costly repair damages. Depending on the type of leaks you have, the repairs could be simple enough to fix on your own like dripping shower heads which often only need to be tightened. Nonetheless, major leaks can threaten floors, or damage the ceilings of the floor below you. These issues require a professional plumber to repair them, and that’s where we come in.

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Common Shower Faults

The common types of showers and the issues they cause most frequently:

shower repair brisbaneMixer Shower Repairs
To put it simply, this kind of shower mixes hot and cold water to manually adjust the temperature of the water coming out. The commonly experienced issues that come with this sort of showers are often a result of lime-scale buildup within the shower. This can result in the controls becoming stiff and difficult to use, or a leak from the shower head or water temperature controls. A shower servicing, occasionally requiring a new internal mixing cartridge, or seals, will usually solve most problems with mixer showers.

Electric Shower Repairs
plumbers working brisbaneThis kind of shower acts as kind of a mini boiler. It heats the incoming cold water to the desired temperature within the unit itself. In short, they’re comparable to an efficient kettle. Like a kettle, boiling the water over time can result in a layer of lime-scale within the unit itself. Depending on how hard your water is, it’s possible that you will have to replace an electric shower every 2-5 years.

The most common faults in electric showers can be connected to a lime scale build-up or a fault in the electricity caused by a leak that is internal. Fortunately, all broken parts can be replaced. Our fully capable professional plumbers are skilled in the repairs of any make or model of electric showers.

Thermostatic Shower Repairs
As the name suggests, a thermostatic shower comes equipped with an internal thermostat which routinely checks, and maintains the water at the selected temperature, despite the fluctuations in hot or cold water supply. The most common issues that may develop with these kinds of showers are:
1. Water can escape, whether it be through the body of the shower itself or the head of the shower when the valve is in the off position.
2. The unit fails at holding the set temperature. Many people refer to this as “temperature fluctuation”. In situations like this one, it’s necessary to run both internal and external tests. In either case, our shower repair specialists can diagnose the source of the problem in little time.

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Power Shower Repairs

plumbers van brisbaneThis kind of shower looks quite similar to the electric shower, but they differ as power showers require both hot and cold water supply, and they have a pump rather than a heating unit. Power showers work by increasing the water pressure, making your shower more enjoyable. Most faults are related to the electrical supply, trapped air, or the pump motor.

If you are experiencing problems with a leaking shower, do not wait to give us a call. Our team of plumbers will be there to inspect the shower, and assess whether it is repairable in a jiffy. We offer fixed price quotes for our clients, with an overview of what work will be involved with the repair. If you have a leaky shower, don’t wait for it to get worse. Just call Best Plumbers Brisbane and have our plumbers who are fully trained and certified, repair your plumbing issues today. We do residential, retail and commercial plumbing.

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